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Bathroom Transformation of the week...

Stage 1

Preparation on the family bathroom as it was a new build we plyed the floor stapling it down around the edges to leave a level canvas to work on.

Stage 2

Designing and laying out the tiles on the floor. Our customer picked the tiles from the Polyflor Colonia stone range in a colour that really compliments the wall tiles.

Stage 3

Applying the glue to the floors using a special tool. Fitting the tiles and contrasting grout strips. Cutting tiles and strips to size as you go along.

Stage 4

Cleaning up the tiles up removing and excess glue and sealing around the edges. Final stage

A bit about Colonia... It is a collection of luxury vinyl tiles, replicating the natural beauty of stone, slate and marble, designed for use in residential interiors. Featuring a polyurethane reinforcement to reduce maintenance costs

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